“When writing a novel it’s always my hope that it will have a lot of full, three-dimensional characters. I find you don’t need six chapters to convey the depth of a character. I’m a big fan of show don’t tell. I just want to make it come alive right now. If you’re willing to open the book, I’m willing to tell you the story. As a person and a writer, I believe that life events do not make us who we are, they reveal who we are. And I really loved writing the process of revealing these characters.” – Amy Bloom, from an interview in Chatelaine

Join us next Monday, October 17th for a craft talk with Amy Bloom, entitled “The Writer’s Life: Where the God of Love Hangs Out.” 8:30PM. Frick Fine Arts Auditorium.

Follow up with Amy on Tuesday, October 18th for a reading at 8:30PM. Chatham University, James Laughlin Music Hall.